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HEALTHY ROOT - Replanting Spray

HEALTHY ROOT - Replanting Spray

Healthy Root has been designed for planting, replanting and repotting plants. It contains helpful microorganisms such as the mycorrhiza helper bacteria (MHB), mycelium of mycorhhizal fungi and mycelium of trichoderma. Mentioned microorganisms facilitate the uptake of nutrients and make our plants less susceptible to disease brought on by the pathogenic fungi. When a plant is removed from one place and replanted in a different spot, it usually suffers a lot of stress. In addition, the replanting process puts our plants in danger of contracting some harmful fungi. Healthy Root vaccines your plants against fungi derivable disease and reduces the replanting stress. We recommend Healthy Root ? Replanting Spray for planting and replanting all outdoor and pot plants.

Instructions for use: turn and pull the safety pin down. Shake well before use. Spray plants roots copiously from all sides, before immersing them in soil.
Container: 300 ml
Fungi: Trichoderma, Glomus; Bacteria: Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria culture

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