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Lavender scented LAWN FERTILIZER

Lavender scented LAWN FERTILIZER

A comprehensive, fine-grained fertilizer for lawns. Lavender scented lawn fertilizer, due to its fine-grained structure is very fast-acting. The effects of fertilization are noticeable after just a few days from the pplication. Our granular Lawn fertilizer is lavender-scented. The lavender oil encapsulated inside zeolite grains makes your lawn and garden smell pleasantly for many days. The aroma of lavender oil is enjoyed by people but is found intolerable by moles. Moles are repulsed by the scent of lavender. Lavender scented lawn fertilizer not only gives your lawn a beautiful, deep shade of green but also keeps the pest critters away.

Instructions of use: spread fertilizer granules uniformly over a selected area. Fertilize lawn once a month. Water lawn regularly.
Total output: 100 m2 area
Bag: 3 kg
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 16/5,2/5,9; MgO ? 2%, Fe ? 0,4%.  

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