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Green Patch

Green PatchGreen Patch

Green Patch is a ready-to-use premix for lawn repair. An ideal solution for lawn owners who need quick and easy remedy for bare spots in their lawn. Green Patch contains a mix of high quality seeds selected to yield stronger, greener grass. It also consists of coir (coconut fiber) ? a natural substrate with outstanding absorbent properties. Coir is an excellent surface for plants. Green Patch also contains a nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate grass growth. Finally, our premix consists of mycorrhiza agent. Mycorrhiza is the natural symbiotic association between plants and fungi. Almost all plants need mycorrhiza to grow and develop properly.

Instructions for use: clear dead/old grass from the lawn defect and apply 5 mm thick layer of Green Patch. Water the filling immediately. Repeat watering once the filling changes colour from dark to light brown. Do not water the filling more than once a day. Remember to keep the filling thoroughly moisturized during the first 14 days from Green Patch application.
Total output: grass patch 25 cm in diameter
Pouch: 25 g
Ingredients: Fungi: Trichoderma 100 000 CFU/cm3, Glomus 1,7 propagul/cm3; Bacteria: MHB Genus culture 67 000 CFU/cm3; nitrogen fertilizer: Triazine 1 g, coir 20 g, grass seeds 3 g.  


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