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SafeCard Tick Remover

SafeCard Tick RemoverSafeCard Tick RemoverSafeCard Tick Remover

SafeCard Tick Remover - tick removing tool from Denmark.

  • No more tweezers and other pointy tools
  • No more butter and oil
  • No more risky twisting and squeezing

Traditional methods of tick removal can be dangerous and induce serious illness. If you pin the tick down or irritate it in some other way, the tick may inject you with harmful bacteria. The bacteria can in some cases cause meningitis, peripheral facial palsy or lyme disease.
Contrarily to traditional methods the SafeCard Tick Remover removes the tick without using force. The tick is plucked out with a single, slow, continuous motion by a specifically shaped card. Consequently, you avoid infection with dangerous bacteria.
The SafeCard Tick Remover has been created by a team of scientists, biologists and medical doctors, who specialize in tick-borne disease. The card is conveniently shaped to easily access and remove arachnids from any part of the body. SafeCard Tick Remover has an additional, smaller notch, which can be used to take out bee stings.
SafeCard Tick Remover has shape and size of a credit card so you can easily carry it around in your wallet. This way, in case of emergency, you can find SafeCard Tick Remover close at hand.

Instructions for use: slide the pliers-shaped notch in between arachnids anterior and posterior parts (capitulum and idiosoma ). Once the notch hooks the tick up, gently deflect the card from the horizontal plane, until the parasite is plucked out.

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made by Esencja Studio