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AquaGel is a super absorbent polymer with high affinity to water. A single gram of AquaGel beads absorbs up to 250 g of water. AquaGel absorbs water delivered through watering, rainwater, mist and dew. AquaGel beads store moisture and supply it to the plant on demand. AquaGels durability in soil is up to 5 years. AquaGel protects your plants from drought or over-watering, allows for less frequent watering and improves soil structure.

Instructions for use: mix well 1 pouch of AquaGel (15 g) with 10 litres of soil. Strew the mixture under and around potted plant.
Total output: 40 or 660 litres of planting soil
Box: 60 g and 1 kg
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 0,64/0/0,43; super absorbent polymer.

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