Watering-Can and SprayGreen

SprayGreen lawn fertilizer

SprayGreen  lawn fertilizerSprayGreen  lawn fertilizerSprayGreen  lawn fertilizer

SprayGreen lawn fertilizer - modern fertilizer for foliar application. SprayGreens composition is based on the findings of the American agricultural scientists. Our product contains 24% of nitrogen in its slow-release form. The slow-released nitrogen guaranties a beautiful, green lawn.
SprayGreens container is mounted with a handy diffuser. Thanks to this innovation covering 500 m2 of your lawn with SprayGreen fertilizer takes only 10 minutes.SprayGreen lawn fertilizer is safe for people and animals.

Instructions for use: shake well before use. Attach garden hose to diffuser head, turn water on, set the valve to "ON" and uniformly spray selected lawn area. Apply once every 4 weeks on well preserved lawns, apply once every 2 weeks on lawns in poor condition. Water your lawn no sooner than 6 h and no later than 24 h after fertilization. Do not water plants if rain expected. Do not water plants under midday sun. Do not mow your lawn for at least 3 days after fertilization. Safe for other plants.
Total output: 250 - 500 m2 area
Container: 950 ml jug with diffuser, 950 ml refill jug
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 24/3/3; chelated micronutrient Fe ? 0,18%; pH = 6,5 ? 7,5.

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