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SprayGreen thuja fertilizer

SprayGreen  thuja fertilizerSprayGreen  thuja fertilizerSprayGreen  thuja fertilizer

SprayGreen Thuja fertilizer - convenient and ready-to-use fertilizer for thujas. Its unique composition prevents your conifers from turning yellow, brown and dying. SprayGreen Thuja fertilizer guaranties lush, beautiful and green scale leaves on your thujas.
SprayGreens container is mounted with a handy diffuser. Thanks to this innovation fertilizing 50 thuja trees takes only 10 minutes. SprayGreen Thuja fertilizer is safe for people and animals.

Instructions for use: shake well before use. Attach garden hose to diffuser head, turn water on, set the valve to "ON" and uniformly spray selected lawn area. Apply once every 4 weeks. Do not water plants if rain expected. Do not water plants under midday sun.
Total output: 50 thuja trees
Container: 950 ml jug with diffuser, 950 ml refill jug
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 4/4/7; water soluble micronutrients: Mg ? 0,12%, Fe.

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