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Treatment of brown spots on lawn

Treatment of  brown spots on lawn

Treatment of brown spots on lawn ? liquid fertilizer for foliar application designed for curing lawn after winter time. Usually, after the thaw your lawn comes out from underneath the snow marred by brown spots. Our fertilizer contains triazine-derived compound made in the USA. Specific properties of this component allow for grass regeneration after a single fertilizer usage. The first curing effects are visible in 1-2 weeks. We recommend Treatment of brown spots on lawn for flood and deluge damaged lawns.
For your convenience each Treatment of brown spots on lawn container is mounted with a handy diffuser.

Instructions for use: shake well before use. Attach garden hose to diffuser head, turn water on, set the valve to ?ON? and copiously spray your lawn at the beginning of gardening season (March, April). Double spray brown spots. Repeat application at the end of gardening season (September, October). Do not water plants for 6 hours after application. Do not enter fertilizer treated terrain before it dries out.
Total output: 300 m2 area
Container: 950 ml jug with diffuser, 950 ml refill jug
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 24/0/0.

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