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Watering-Can ? FYTOSTOP

Watering-Can ? FYTOSTOPWatering-Can ? FYTOSTOP

Watering-Can ? Fytostop - ready-to-use, convenient liquid fertilizer suitable for ericaceae (rhododendron, azalea, heather) and conifers (thuja, juniper, pine, spruce). Watering-Can ? Fytostop contains special nitrogen compound which not only feeds the diseased plants but also eliminates the symptoms of phytophthora rot. Phytophthorais is a genus of plant-damaging water molds.
The symptoms of phytophthora pathogenic activity in rhododendron and azalea are: formation of brown spots on roots and stems, leaves curling up and turning brown .
On the other hand, in conifers the stem base turns brown and rots. Conifer needles turn yellow and brown.
Watering-Can ? Fytostopt container is mounted with a handy diffuser. Thanks to this innovation spraying 5 large plants takes less than 3 minutes and fertilization is as easy as watering. Watering-Can ? Fytostop is safe for people and animals.

Instructions for use: shake well before use. Attach garden hose to diffuser head, turn water on, set the valve to "ON" and spray fertilizer separately on each plant ( 15 and 30 seconds for small and large plants respectively). Water the soil before fertilizing. Apply once every 2 weeks from the begging of March to the end of July. Every 6 weeks re-acidify the soil with citric acid/water solution (20g/950ml). Use of mycorrhiza recommended after Fytostop treatment cycle.
Total output: 8 fertilizer portions
Container: 950 ml jug with diffuser, 950 ml refill jug
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 15/0/0.

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