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Compost Mix

Compost Mix Compost Mix

Compost Mix is a special fertilizer blend designed to assist fermentation and enrich your compost with magnesium and other microelements. Any compost made by mixing garden and kitchen scraps, is full of bacteria and fermenting fungi that thrive in specific conditions (temperature, food supply). Our Compost Mix provides nutrients for those helpful microorganisms, consequently speeding up the process of natural fermentation. Compost Mix eliminates unpleasant odours and can be used all year long.

Instructions for use: stack composted scraps in 10-20 cm thick layers. Spread Compost Mix on each layer (70 g per 1 m2). Cover compost pile with 3-5 cm layer of soil.
Bucket: 4 kg
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 2,5/3,6/0.

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