Liquid Fertilizers

Winter liquid fertilizer

Winter liquid fertilizer

General-purpose mineral liquid fertilizer for the winter season. We recommend Winter liquid fertilizer for poinsettia, yucca and dracaena plants. Winter liquid fertilizers carefully selected composition of macro- and micro-nutrients, in easily accessible metal-complex compounds, sustains plants in good condition during harsh winter time. Specifically, Winter liquid fertilizers makes plants immune to the harmful dry air.

Dosage: pot and outdoor plants: 1 bottle cap of fertilizer per 2 litres of water
Total output: 40 litres of fertilizer solution
Container: 250 ml
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 3,5/4,2/8; chelated micro nutrients: B ? 0,05%, Cu ? 0,01%, Fe ? 0,1%, Mn ? 0,03%, Zn ? 0,006%; pH = 6


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