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Bloom booster - liquid fertilizer

Bloom booster - liquid fertilizer

Mineral liquid fertilizer for blooming plants. Bloom boosters optimal composition of nutrients is tailored to satisfy the needs of geranium, begonia and pansy during the blooming stage. Carefully selected macro-nutrients and easily accessible trace metal-complex compounds, make Bloom booster - liquid fertilizer perfectly suited for all green plants.

Dosage: pot plants: 1 bottle cap of fertilizer per 2 litres of water
outdoor plants: 1 bottle cap of fertilizer per 1 litre of water
Total output: 40 litres of fertilizer solution
Container: 250 ml
EC FERTILIZER, N/P/K ? 5,8/4,2/5,8; chelated micro nutrients: B ? 0,06%, Cu ? 0,04%, Fe ? 0,1%, Mn ? 0,04%, Zn ? 0,007%; pH = 6

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