Stone Pine SUBSTRATE FOR ORCHIDS with mycorrhiza mycelium

Stone Pine SUBSTRATE is made of bark of south European stone pine coated with mycorrhiza mycelium. Orchids rely on specific mycorrhiza fungi. The fungi supply orchids with, otherwise inaccessible, essential substances. Symbiotic association between orchids and fungi improves plants development.


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Snail Deterrent (Pożegnanie ze ślimakiem)

Environmentally friendly snail deterrent. Our Snail Deterrent is made of rigid, hard-edged grains from finely ground volcanic rock. This product contains no chemical additives, it is neutral to all kinds of vegetation and completely safe for people and house animals. Snail Deterrent is easy to use, just strew it around your plants to create a barrier. The barrier does not disappear after rainfall. Use Snail Deterrent in your flower and vegetable garden. Protect your chicory, lettuce and other vegetables. Once the gardening season is over and the barrier is no longer needed, just bury it under the dirt. There is no need to remove Snail Deterrent from your garden. Just the opposite, burying Snail Deterrent can be very beneficial. Snail Deterrent modifies soil porosity, increases the air/water ratio and makes the soil more aerated.


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Healthy Tomato - Zinc Spray is a ready-to-use liquid fertilizer for foliar applications. Healthy Tomato - Zinc Spray enhances growth of tomato shrubs, boosts blooming and yields healthier fruits. We recommend Healthy Tomato - Zinc Spray for tomatoes, capsicum, beans and strawberries.

Contains NO pesticides.

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Anti-slip powder (Pożegnanie z poślizgiem )

A combination of calcium chloride and zeolite that has anti-slip properties. Our Anti-slip powder is safe for people, house animals, vegetation, footwear, and sett. All cat and dog owners should be particularly happy with this product, because Anti-slip powder does not burn our pets paws. Paw burns are frequent with the sodium chloride based anti-slip powders. There is no sodium chloride in Anti-slip powder (Pożegnanie z poślizgiem). Once the winter time is over the Anti-slip powder can be swept up and distributed over the lawn.


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SafeCard Tick Remover

SafeCard Tick Remover - tick removing tool from Denmark.

  • No more tweezers and other pointy tools
  • No more butter and oil
  • No more risky twisting and squeezing

Traditional methods of tick removal can be dangerous and induce serious illness. If you pin the tick down or irritate it in some other way, the tick may inject you with harmful bacteria. The bacteria can in some cases cause meningitis, peripheral facial palsy or lyme disease.
With SafeCard Tick Remover the tick is plucked out with a single, slow, continuous motion by a specifically shaped card. Consequently, you avoid infection with dangerous bacteria.
The SafeCard Tick Remover has been created by a team of scientists, biologists and medical doctors, who specialize in tick-borne disease. The card is conveniently shaped to easily access and remove arachnids from any part of the body. SafeCard Tick Remover has an additional, smaller notch, which can be used to take out bee stings.
SafeCard Tick Remover has shape and size of a credit card so you can easily carry it around in your wallet. This way, in case of emergency, you can find SafeCard Tick Remover close at hand.



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made by Esencja Studio